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Poodle Pals NFT Club

Poodle Pals is a community of animal lovers focused on wanting to spread positivity and cheer. You can use the buttons below to connect MetaMask to the website and mint up to 20 Poodle Pals.


Mint price: 0.02 eth

Wallet Address: Log in with Metamask

Number To Mint:


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Benefits of Becoming a Poodle Pal

We are in the early stages of our roadmap to develop our pet lovers community, but we can’t do it without your help! You can mint with the buttons above to help support this community as well as animals in need. Let's spread some positivity and cheer.

poodle pals holding up welcome sign

Member Exclusives

Access to Exclusive Poodle Pals Merch
Voting on quarterly animal-related charity donations
Eligibility to win monthly poodle-themed air-dropped freebies
Commercial rights to your purchased Poodle Pals NFT *See FAQ’s*
More benefits to come in Phase 2+, voted on by members

The Poodle Pals Collection

The collection is comprised of 1,111 NFTs and is made up of mostly generative poodles, but also several 1/1 poodles. Here is a sneak-peak of some of our favorite Poodle Pals!

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Phase 1: 0-100% minted

Profits distribution
  • 30% Local Animal Rescue Donation (quarterly or at 100% mint – whichever comes first)
  • 40% Treat Jar
  • 30% goes back to the founders so they can recoup their expenses, buy dog food, and pay their bills and taxes

Phase 2 Goals:

Post-100% minting
  • Poodle Pals limited edition weighted plushies
  • Continue Treat Jar monthly giveaways
  • Continue charity donations based on royalties
    (voted on by members)
  • IRL dog meetups
  • Collaborations with other NFT projects
  • Future goals to be voted on by community members.
*Detailed Phase 2 roadmap TBD*
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Meet the Team

Sandra (@baron_s_art)
The Poodle Sprite

Space Host and Co-Host, Dog Mom to Moo and Lou'e.

psyberserker.eth (@psyberzerker)

Engineer formerly working in big tech. Dog lover.

Marii (@mariisunshine)

Artist, former software engineer, former animal rehabber, animal lover, and poodle mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of negativity and FUD in the universe, so we made this NFT collection in an attempt to help build a community and spread kindness and positivity. We strive to make the world a little brighter, one poodle at a time. Whether you have a Poodle Pal or not, we invite you to join our community of Pals who support each other. By being part of this collection you will be helping to fund donations to charities that focus on helping animals in need. Poodle Pals will be able to suggest and vote for charities that will help the lives of animals.

We would love to see Poodle Pals become an NFT that can be flipped for profit, but we can’t predict the future. These poodles are jpegs and their value is determined by their community and public demand. Even though we can’t promise that their price will increase, what we can promise is that if we sell even one Poodle Pal NFT, we will devote ourselves to making the experience a good one.

We retain the rights to ALL our Poodle Pals images but when you mint or purchase a Poodle Pal NFT, you also have the right to create and sell merch, prints, stickers, etc., with your Poodle Pal’s image.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Your Poodle Pal’s image must remain unaltered (but the background can be removed)
  • Credit must be given to the original project
  • Image cannot be used for offensive or defamatory content
  • If you sell your Poodle Pal NFT, rights are transferred to the buyer and seller forfeits rights to the Poodle Pal’s image

The collection is based on the founders’ rescue red poodle named Ansel. He brings so much joy to their lives and keeps the founders healthy by requiring that they walk outside several times per day.

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